Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is my homemade deodorant made with three basic ingredients.  I spent a few days thinking about making my own deodorant as I did my research and collected data.  I purchased the ingredients, made a trial batch, tried it for 3 days and I had some great results.  My pits felt smooth, the odor was minimal to none, and even after sweating a few times in one day it masked the odor.  My batch doesn't contain an antiperspirant ingredient, and I don't mind sweating since antiperspirants haven't worked for me in the past anyway.  What I have also found is that a little bit goes a long way and I don't need to refrigerate my batch.  I have yet to determine what the shelf life is, but in the mean time this works well for me.  The scent of my deodorant is fresh with a subtle coconut scent when it's initially applied, and even when I sweat profusely after a good workout it still remains odorless.  I made a 5 oz. batch, but you can always transfer a portion of it to a 2 oz. jar for quick access as shown below.

I can't begin to tell you how many sticks of commercial deodorants I've rotated over the years, because it wasn't long before I had an allergic reaction to each one.  There were some that lasted several months or maybe 2 years max before I had to move on to something else that wouldn't irritate my skin.  Two years ago I did some research online and found an all natural deodorant paste.  I had been using it for months since it worked very well to minimize body odor and didn't irritate my skin, but I kept having to order more of it nearly every 3-4 months and it became costly.  That's when I figured out just recently that I could easily make my own, and so I started researching.

1/4 cup - Coconut Oil (Organic, Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined)*
1/3 cup - Arrowroot Powder
1/3 cup - Baking Soda
6 oz. jar (This batch is approx. 4 oz.)

Measure out and pour all three ingredients into a bowl, mix them together until it becomes a pliable paste, and transfer the mixture to a jar or small container.  The climate will determine the consistency of the batch depending on where you live.  When it's time to apply the deodorant to your pits, scoop a dime-sized amount with your fingers and spread it on your skin.  Your body heat will melt the paste therefore you only need to spread it on once rather than rub it in and apply extra.  If you plan to engage in heavy physical activity, then it might be a good idea to apply some more, but each person's body is different.  You may add your own essential oils if you wish to have a different scent, but I don't use any because I'm sensitive to most of them.

*Coconut Oil - Trader Joe's or Carrington Farms (Read my Body Butter post for processing details)
Arrowroot Powder - Bob's Red Mill (A natural thickening agent)
Baking Soda - Bob's Red Mill (or your choice i.e. Arm & Hammer)

(I purchased most of my ingredients from since they have great deals) :-)


  1. Hi, can the arrowroot be left out or is it an essential ingredient?

  2. Hi Anthia-ofo, I believe the arrowroot can be left out, but it might change the chemistry of the deo where it might require more application. I have a friend who removed arrowroot from her batch and the deo still worked for her, except that it lasted only a few hours and she had to apply more. Arrowroot powder is a natural thickening agent and minimally absorbs moisture, so I think that is why it is used as an essential ingredient.

  3. I made this with only coconut oil, baking powder and corn starch.I am surprisingly on day 4 and no break through smells! I never would have believed it. I'll try the Arrowroot powder bc I wore a silk shirt today and the deodorant bled through :(

  4. It's amazing how well it cuts down on odor. I worked out today and I couldn't detect an odor after I was done. Try the arrowroot powder and see what kind of a difference it makes, if it all.

  5. Ok, I used it for a week! It's a winner and I usually smelled like a flower at the end of the day. I will have to gets some arrowroot-the wetness is the only thing that's getting me….I will definitely pick some up when things slow down for me! Thanks lady!