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Thank you for visiting my blog and following my journey as I seek to find natural solutions for my skin sensitivities and allergies.  'Dewdrop' is my blogger name in case you're wondering. ;-)

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Since my childhood I've had different skin issues, which led to numerous dermatology visits, topical prescription medication, and failed attempts to relieve the problem.  For years I struggled to find beauty products that would work for me without causing an exacerbation of symptoms.  I slowly became increasingly allergic to a majority of the commercial products sold on the market and even some hypo-allergenic products (to my surprise)!  My allergic response seemed to fluctuate seasonally with some of these products, which resulted in wasted product use and cost.  Nothing seemed to work and I grew weary of searching and trying.

Present Day
Now that I'm an adult, I've noticed within the past 1-3 years that my skin sensitivities have increased or changed where I've developed new allergies.  My body started rejecting some of the commercial products I had been using prior to my search for natural alternatives.  I knew that I had to make some changes immediately, and so I began my research.  I'm still observing my skin changes and identifying my triggers (some of which are environmental or food-related), while experimenting with more natural ingredients.

After praying and seeking guidance from God about exploring more natural solutions that were practical, inexpensive and provided relief, He led me to some wonderful resources.  As I continued my research, I became excited and eager to experiment with these natural ingredients by trying new recipes and creating my own DIY (Do It Yourself) beauty products.  Just recently He gave me the idea to start this blog and share my experience and recipes with individuals.  My purpose is to find a natural solution while helping others who might have similar skin challenges.  My blog will be used to exchange information, share recipes, and be a source of inspiration and encouragement for others.

Here is a list of what I'm sensitive to:

Commercial products
-Brand name deodorant, shampoo and conditioners
-Creams, Gels, and some brands of toothpaste and make-up
-Facial washes/cleansers
-Sunscreen and some essential oils
-Non-natural household cleaning products

Natural Alternatives
-Unrefined Raw Shea Butter (my skin moisturizer/lotion)
-Coconut Oil (my skin and hair moisturizer)
-African Black Soap (Soap and shampoo)
-Aloe Vera Juice (Leave in Conditioner)

Since the start of this year I have come up with my staple of natural products.  I use them regularly and my skin is responding positively to them.  I've also noticed a difference in the health of my skin, because it feels so good and I have relief.  It's as if my skin experiences freedom and can finally relax, hence the blog name "SkinParadise".  I believe in using a simple regimen as I continue experimenting with various recipes, and I have some other projects I would like to develop as I continue my journey:

Goals/Possible Projects
-Chap-stick/Lip Gloss/Lipstick (i'm currently using shea butter as my chap-stick)
-Hand Sanitizer

I'm still adjusting to the changes with my skin as I continue to do my research and experiment with natural recipes.  You are more than welcome to share your journey with me, ideas, recipes, ask questions etc. and together we can try new things!

*Hair Blog / Other Information:
In 2003 I started my natural hair journey in order to share my experience with others and receive feedback, since there was very little pubilc information available at the time.  As a result I was able to provide resources and gather information while proudly wearing my kinky/coily crown (loose and loc'd).  My hair blog contains video tutorials, product reviews, and pictures of my beautiful kinky/coily hair.  Be sure to visit!

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